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Spiritual Empowerment for Women in Transition


Women everywhere, all over the world, as never before, are in transition. The experience may be exhilarating, terrifying, anywhere in between, and sometimes all at once.


You have opened these pages because you are a woman feeling the calling of your soul to grow, to evolve, to emerge more fully than ever before. You may experience this calling as a longing and slight glimmer of-something-within, as a fiery furnace you can barely contain, or as an imperative to simply navigate, with wisdom and heart, a challenging period of your life.


An akashic reading offers a sanctuary space “outside of time,” a space devoid of judgments, shoulds, directives. A space from which a woman can emerge more deeply connected with the Love Light of her soul, a deeper sense of calm, purpose, clarity, resolve... empowerment.


You are already in touch with the Light of your Soul—it is what has brought you to these pages. Whether you choose to have an akashic reading, or to follow a completely different trajectory at this juncture in your life, listen to “quiet voice within.” Knowing that each time you listen and act on that listening, your connection to the Light is affirmed and deepened. As each step is taken, the next will be revealed — all in divine time.


Meryn is like a guardian angel who has come into my life. After my sessions with her, I always feel such a sense of calm and purpose. It's like everything has fallen into place once again. She has been such a gift to me during the most difficult and transformational time of my life. The information from the readings always resonates strongly with me, and her advice and guidance are keeping me on track to becoming the person I want to be. —H.G., Louisiana


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