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Meryn’s Journey

My life has been one of transitions. In my twenties I moved from a life of financial independence in Australia to a period of “soul searching” in Europe. In my mid twenties I was immersed in the “new age” mecca of Marin County, California, and then a life of “voluntary simplicity” in the mountains of Costa Rica. I have lived in suburbia in Australia, in intentional community in Virginia, and off grid in the mountains of northern California. I now live in the beautiful rural area of NSW Australia. I have been a social worker, a wellness pioneer and group facilitator, a co-founder of the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children, an akashic reader, an editor and writer. In love, I have both betrayed and been betrayed. I have been single and independent, a partner in a marriage that spanned 35 years. I have known the exquisite and transformative joys-and heartbreaks-of being a mother. I have endured periods of deep aloneness, and been touched by the truth that I Am and We Are One. Every one of those transitions has been a momentous learning experience. I have been blessed by moments of knowing in every fibre of my being, that while my personality self may complain, my soul is always at peace with the process.


While I have been accessing the Akasha for myself for many years, it was not until 2010 that I began to access the Akashic Records for other people. To do so, is both my joy and privilege.

Meryn’s Biography

Meryn G. Callander was born in Australia in 1952. She attended Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, graduating with degrees in both social work and economics, and went on to become a social worker helping children in crisis.


In 1979, Meryn embarked on an around-the-world journey culminating in California, where she attended a residential seminar at the Wellness Resource Center, established by John (Jack) Travis in 1975. It was here that the spark was lit that led to over 30 years of marriage and professional partnership. As co-director of Wellness Associates, Meryn joined Jack in pushing the frontiers of wellness beyond the personal and into the interpersonal and planetary.


Her immersion in the field of feminist spirituality in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s was pivotal in forging a new direction for Wellness Associates. Together with Jack, she facilitated seminars that fostered a network of helping professionals committed to shifting the prevailing cultural norms that undermine personal integrity and authenticity, and compromise our potential for true partnership and connection with others. They co-authored Wellness for Helping Professionals: Creating Compassionate Cultures.


In 1992, Meryn took Jack’s classic Wellness Inventory, with its focus on personal wellness, to a planetary focus, co-authoring A Change of Heart: The Global Wellness Inventory. In 1999, she took the lead in revising the Wellness Inventory for an online version produced by HealthWorld Online.


In 1993, Meryn gave birth to their daughter, Siena, an experience that was to radically change her life in a multitude of unexpected ways. Her own experiences of birthing and parenting led to The Wellspring Guide, a quarterly publication featuring her in-depth synopses of selected parenting and children’s books (now accessible through this website).


In 1999, along with eleven other experts in the field of birth and child development, she co-founded, and served for several years as president of, the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.


Why Men Leave, a magazine article by Jack published in the US and Australia in 2004, generated such a strong response that it compelled Meryn to dive deeper into the neurobiological, interpersonal, social and cultural dynamics underlying their experience and prompted her to write Why Dads Leave: Insights and Resources for When Partners Become Parents.


Meryn and John separated in 2011. Meryn now resides in the beautiful Byron Shire in northern New South Wales, Australia.

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