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Preparing for a Reading


The information accessed, is determined by the intent of the client’s questions. To get the most from a reading, it is best to have a clear objective and bring clear and specific questions to the session. About 8 questions are usually a good number for a 50 minute (or so) reading. Other questions may emerge during the reading.


Questions that yield the most helpful information generally begin with “what,” “why” or “how.” Questions requiring yes or no answers simply don’t yield as much information. For example you might want to ask:


What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining __________ (you name it)?

How am I perpetuating this pattern in my life?

Why do I continue to __________?

Why do I love __________ so much?

Why am I here?

What are the positives and negatives of moving to X, versus staying here?

What lessons can I learn from this situation?

How can I shift my current perspective and move toward resolution and healing?


You may choose to use any of the questions above or to use something along the lines of the format below:


Where am I in my life right now?

What is trying to emerge?

What is blocking it?

What am I not seeing?

What is my next step?


You may choose to ask these questions in relation to any particular area of your life-relationship, education, career — or in a more general way. Please do not be limited by these questions. You will know in your heart what it is you most want and need to know.


Remember information about the future is available only as possibilities, and is determined by what you think, feel, and do from that moment forward. The outcome of any question is ultimately up to you — determined by your choices and life circumstances.


Most of my readings are done by phone or Skype audio. I suggest you allow an hour for the reading, although you may find you have all the information you need before the hour is up. You will know when you feel complete. 



All sessions are absolutely confidential and a sacred trust. I will never divulge your personal information in any way.



 Please be informed this work is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical, psychological or health related condition. It may be complimentary to and supportive of treatment by your licensed health care professional.


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