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Thank you so much Meryn. You have a real gift in being able to open intuitively to this level of information and love. Your responses to my questions helped me to open to the energy needed for healing to happen. It was sweet, very comforting, and very useful. The energy of the reading stayed with me for days, and the clarity keeps coming as to what was opened to me, then. —Betty Idarius, California


Meryn is like a guardian angel who has come into my life. After my sessions with her, I always feel such a sense of calm and purpose. It's like everything has fallen into place once again. She has been such a gift to me during the most difficult and transformational time of my life. The information from the readings always resonates strongly with me, and her advice and guidance are keeping me on track to becoming the person I want to be. Meryn is warm, honest, open, trustworthy, nonjudgmental, and so wise. She is a beautiful soul and I love her. —HG, Louisiana


My readings with Meryn have been amazing! The information that comes through always leads me to more clarity, peace, and well-being. It’s as if she is lovingly speaking directly from my soul. Every reading is different in context, but always the same in the way it helps me live my life more consciously. It’s like nothing else I’ve tried — and in over 45 years of personal growth, I’ve tried a lot of things! —Bobbie Burdett, Mills River, North Carolina


Meryn was a clear, gentle, inspired channel. I wanted to know the best way to plan retirement from a long-term, high-stress job. Her insightful imagery, descriptions of energy, and even the timing-window she suggested two years ago were right on target. Very helpful and validating. —JH, College Professor, Montana


Every now and again, one encounters a practitioner who works purely in service to wholeness, without any other agenda. Meryn Callander is such a professional. Her work is grounded in practicality, yet tethered to a perspective that is well beyond where our fear might keep us limited. I have been privileged to benefit from Meryn’s clarity and wisdom, receiving straight forward guidance that helped me work through a major life challenge with dignity and courage. —Kelly Wendorf, co-founder The Institute of the Southwest


My life has been a whirlwind since we spoke, but behind all my activities there has been the wonder of Meryn’s reading and what it meant to me. She was able to bring into focus and clarify many important aspects of my life, and I’ve been able to look at my life and the lives of my mate and my children with a fuller understanding of why we incarnated together and to see each of us as the lights we are, dancing as we are meant to do.... Her ability to listen and to make manifest in images and word what is needed to be heard in the now is quite remarkable. —M Milos, California


Meryn’s Akashic readings are insightful and rich, giving openings and perspectives that are inspiring as well as practical. —Sarah J Buckley, MD, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering


Meryn’s readings offer new and empowering perspectives with depth, insight, wisdom and a touch of humor. Meryn has a well-developed skill to see into what is needed to either heal or resolve a situation. —Anna D, Educator & Elder, Australia


I struggle greatly with my ability to access my own “inner knowing,” often finding myself in great mental preoccupation and debate. In accessing answers to my questions, Meryn helped me cut away the “noise” in my head and directed me straight to the heart. Her answers resonated deeply and brought instant internal resolution. I received deep insight into difficulties I was having with my baby and my partner… and some very practical things to do after my reading. Meryn’s manner is incredibly gentle and accepting, with deep understanding and empathy. —Louise, Australia


I knew nothing about the Akashic tradition when I spoke with Meryn and had my reading. I wasn’t well prepared in advance with any questions so I asked things as they came to me. What wonderful insights! I now have visuals to attach to some sensations I have been feeling so they make more sense to me as I go about my daily life in San Francisco. —Stacy Conlon, California


I know Meryn to be a deeply compassionate, caring and honest person. She is also a very talented healer and counselor. I was stunned at the accuracy of the information which she referred to in the reading. I am sure Meryn will take this work further as we all start to understand our lives are far greater than we could ever know. —Susan Carew, REAL HOPE, Australia


Meryn is a very compassionate and warm guide who helps unlock blocks deep within your soul and shares them in a very constructive and loving manner. —P Flynn, Oregon


In my reading with Meryn, we touched on something that, even though I have been in therapy for years and always struggling to feel I am on the right path, made sense in a very clear way. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to hear it till now. Since we talked I am much more aware of the Inner Child and touch base with her a lot more. I feel happier too! —Peggy


The reading was amazing! Thank you Meryn, for your wise and compassionate presence. The reading showed me, with words and images, a new way of viewing aspects of my life. It really cut to the heart of the matter in a powerful way. I’m excited about the way this is helping me to change some things I needed to change! —SS, psychotherapist, USA


Thank you so, so much…. Your reading was absolutely spot on.... Hearing what the records had to say has really warmed, melted even, my heart. I know it will continue to bring me a lot of joy and comfort to know there is a purpose to all this!! —Sandra Hyde, Change Management Consultant, Sydney


I was in a time in my life where I had many conflicting parts of myself creating a lot of ambivalent feelings. I wanted to understand this so I could move towards inner peace, confidence, and a feeling of freedom when making decisions. Meryn’s ability to read the records was amazing! I felt like the information was pertinent and made sense in helping me understand myself and where I am in my life right now. She gave me insight to what I could do to move me towards my goals. Thank you so much! —Meg Hanshaw, USA


My reading with Meryn was very insightful and informative. Without my offering her a great deal of information to go on, she was able to touch upon some significant aspects of my life that truly resonated for me. Afterwards, which I know was a direct result of the reading, I was able to make some personal shifts and there was a definite sense of healing. —KS, psychologist, USA

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