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What Is an Akashic Reading?


As an Akashic reader, I access the Records with a short petition or prayer, and with the client’s name, align myself to both the Records and their vibration.


No one can access your Records without your direct permission. The vibrational quality of your name opens the set of Records that contain the information that will be the most helpful and relevant to you, at the time of the reading. I am fully conscious and present during the reading.


When I open the Records, I receive images, words, impressions that guide me in sharing the information from your Records with you. Without exception, being “in the Records” feels to me like entering a sacred space, and indeed, it is said—and as I have experienced—that whenever we open the Records, we are bathed in the healing Light of the Akasha. Whether or not you experience this directly, I believe it to be one of the most beautiful aspects of accessing the Records.


You may receive information and guidance to broaden your perspective and understanding, or to affirm what you already know or sense. You will not be told what to do. There are no “shoulds” from the Records. You will never receive information that ridicules, belittles, or judges you. The energy of the Akashic field is love.

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